Choose from a wide array of designs, envelopes and backgrounds, and create the perfect invitation for your event. Then get a FREE personal page where guests can upload their photos, drag and drop seating charts, gift registries links, and more. Check out the list of things that are included with every card designed!

  • Google Maps
    Customize your invitation with a Google Map Link - No more guests getting lost!
  • Add to Calendar
    Allow users to add the event to their calendar, so it easily reminds them as it gets closer.
  • Upload Photos
    Not all the best shots are from the photographer. Allow your guests to upload the special moments they captured.
  • Gift Registry
    We’ve included a gift registry, so that you can easily link to the things you want most. How cool is that!
  • Seating Chart
    Big crowds? Not a problem. Each invitation comes with a drag and drop seating chart plan.
  • Questionnaires
    Ask questions from your guests. Find out what they prefer, and tailor your event to meet their expectations.
  • Easy Lists
    Easily add your guest list by uploading an Excel file, importing your Gmail contacts or adding them individually.
  • Automatic tracking
    Keep track of emails sent, opened, and responded in our easy to use and intuitive management section.
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All Packages Include!

  • Included in every card is a personal Event page. Here you can have guests upload pictures, show a map or registry and so much more!
  • Save time, and stop stressing out about those return cards! Mazelvite tracks every email, and updates when it has been responded to.
  • Gift giving is easy again! Just add a link to your registry, and it will be included with every email!
  • An easy, intuitive drag and drop Seating Chart is also included. Customize the seating chart of the hall, add tables and drop in your guest list.
    It's that easy!
  • Easy to use navigation, enter in the address, and Google Maps does the rest!
  • No more excuses from your guests! Now they can easily add it into their available online Calendar.
  • Find out about your guests preferences before they arrive. Ask questions and interact with your guests, and make your event more social!
  • Easily add your guest list by uploading an Excel file, importing your Gmail contacts or adding them individually.
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