Choose from a wide array of designs, envelopes and backgrounds, and create the perfect invitation for your event. Then get a FREE personal page where guests can upload their photos, drag and drop seating charts, gift registries links, and more. Check out the list of things that are included with every card designed!

  • Google Maps
    Customize your invitation with a Google Map Link - No more guests getting lost!
  • Add to Calendar
    Allow users to add the event to their calendar, so it easily reminds them as it gets closer.
  • Upload Photos
    Not all the best shots are from the photographer. Allow your guests to upload the special moments they captured.
  • Gift Registry
    We’ve included a gift registry, so that you can easily link to the things you want most. How cool is that!
  • Seating Chart
    Big crowds? Not a problem. Each invitation comes with a drag and drop seating chart plan.
  • Questionnaires
    Ask questions from your guests. Find out what they prefer, and tailor your event to meet their expectations.
  • Easy Lists
    Easily add your guest list by uploading an Excel file, importing your Gmail contacts or adding them individually.
  • Automatic tracking
    Keep track of emails sent, opened, and responded in our easy to use and intuitive management section.
Mazelvite Makes Invitations More Attractive and Simpler

Customize Cards Easily!

You can save a lot of money with Mazelvite invitations, which give a new definition to online invitations. We bring you something more than the usual online templates for event invitations. Our mission revolves around ensuring that you can save a lot of money on invitations for Jewish events. However, that is not the only special thing that makes our online invitation maker stand out in the market. While our primary focus is on reducing the cost of creating and delivering invitations, we have realized that we need to do more about online invitations.

Introducing a New Approach to Online Invitations

We have seen how different platforms help you design custom invitations online with easy-to-use tools. At the same time, we wanted to create a platform that specializes specifically in invitations for events in Jewish families.

With our special digital invitation maker, we want to go the extra mile for our clients. The special highlights in our new approach to creating online invitations help us give our clients more than they expect.

  • Large Collection of Templates
    You can find different templates to create a custom invitation for your event. We offer a diverse collection of appealing designs alongside different styles of custom Hebrew fonts.
  • Easier Accessibility of Invitations
    One of the trickiest parts of online email invitations is their accessibility. We bring the perfect balance between user control and usability, especially for people who have problems finding the best ways to use web technology. gets closer.
  • More Flexibility for Customization
    Another distinct aspect that makes us different from other platforms when creating digital invitations is the flexibility for customization. You can use our free invitation maker to change anything, including the color and font size of the invitation. In addition, you can also add pictures and shapes to make your invitations look more appealing. they captured.

Support of Expert Designers

Using a free tool to create online invitations may seem like a challenge in some cases. The options in our invitation template maker might be overwhelming for some people. You don’t have to worry about the customization of your online invitations when you can rely on the support of our expert designers. Talk to them about your needs and get the perfect invitation that fits your preferences.

Design Your Digital Invitations in Three Simple Steps

At Mazelvite, we give you a simple three-step solution to create digital invitations from scratch. You can design electronic invites with RSVP on our platform with access to different templates. Interestingly, you don’t have to invest a lot of effort or browse through complex technical challenges to create digital invites.

  • Pick the Event
    Before you design online invitations free of cost on our platform, you should pick the event. You have a wide range of options to choose from other than weddings and birthday parties. We offer digital invites for different Jewish events such as Bris, Kiddush, Bar Mitzvahs, Simchat Bas, and Shalom Zechor. chart plan.
  • Design the Invitation
    The second step involves designing your invitation with our intuitive software. You can pick any one of the free online invitation templates and customize it to your preferences. We also allow users to upload their own designs to the site and customize it to their liking. their expectations.
  • Send the Invitations
    Once you have completed the design of the digital invitations, you can finalize the guest list. We help you import contacts from Gmail or copy the guest list from a previous event. You can also use our digital invitation maker to manually add guests' contacts.

Send the Invitations

Once you have completed the design of the digital invitations, you can finalize the guest list. We help you import contacts from Gmail or copy the guest list from a previous event. You can also use our digital invitation maker to manually add guests' contacts.

Elevate Your Digital Invitations with Special Add-Ons for Free

Mazelvite is your destination for designing digital invitations with an additional edge in terms of visual appeal and functionality. We make sure that our clients email wedding invitations with different additional details and innovative features. Our digital invites offer access to a free personal page, where your guests can upload photos, view seating charts, and access gift registration links.

We want everyone, including our clients and their guests, to have a remarkable event experience. Therefore, we give more than the opportunity to create electronic invitations free of cost with our special add-ons. Imagine how good your guests would feel when they can add your event to their calendars directly. The ability to use questionnaires to ask your guests about their needs would make them feel more valued.

Making Your Event Successful from the Beginning

With Mazelvite, you have the upper hand in creating and delivering digital invitations for various Jewish events. We wanted to offer more than a free email invitation template to our clients. Over the years, we have added new templates with different styles and designs to our collection. Our special add-ons and customization options give you the resources you need to create appealing and effective invitations. Contact us now to get your electronic invite ready to deliver within a few minutes.

fancy envelope

All Packages Include!

  • Included in every card is a personal Event page. Here you can have guests upload pictures, show a map or registry and so much more!
  • Save time, and stop stressing out about those return cards! Mazelvite tracks every email, and updates when it has been responded to.
  • Gift giving is easy again! Just add a link to your registry, and it will be included with every email!
  • An easy, intuitive drag and drop Seating Chart is also included. Customize the seating chart of the hall, add tables and drop in your guest list.
    It's that easy!
  • Easy to use navigation, enter in the address, and Google Maps does the rest!
  • No more excuses from your guests! Now they can easily add it into their available online Calendar.
  • Find out about your guests preferences before they arrive. Ask questions and interact with your guests, and make your event more social!
  • Easily add your guest list by uploading an Excel file, importing your Gmail contacts or adding them individually.
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